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Patty Cleveland Client Comp Doc Computers
We first had call-a-*** come in to fix our two desktops, but he made the PC's worst, that we couldn't even use them. So we called Shawn and he fixed everything and our Pc's are running like new! Thank you!
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Patty Cleveland

Belleville, Ontario
Kim McLary Client Comp Doc Computers
My daughter's computer was hacked a few nights ago. She was freaking out. Exams are coming up very soon. She was in the middle of a big assignment and had all her other work on this computer. She called Shawn…
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Kim McLary

Bayside, Ontario
Margaret Donovan Client Comp Doc Computers
Shawn fixed my computer and made a backup of my data so I wouldn't run into this issue again! He saved me from disaster I highly recommend him!
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Margaret Donovan

Belleville, Ontario
Steve Bairstow Client Comp Doc Computers
We run high diagnostics on performance motorcycles, and we needed Shawn to upgrade and install the software needed on our systems.
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Steve Bairstow

Shannonville, Ontario
Don Fletcher Client Comp Doc Computers
We had some old desktops that needed to be upgraded for my trucking business, as we use them for accounting and logging trips. Shawn did a great job
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Don Fletcher

Trenton Ontario
Mark Angelino Client Comp Doc Computers
Comp Doc Services has been great on our construction site in Foxboro, Ontario. Shawn has been out here so often; some people are convinced he is an employee out on site.
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Mark Angelino

Foxboro, Ontario
Allen Duckett Client Comp Doc Computers
I would recommend them to any business that needs reliable, hands-on service! there affordable and Shawn knows what he’s doing and even explained it in simpler form of just what work he did.
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Allen Duckett

Belleville, Ontario
Mark Williams Client Comp Doc Computers
Got a virus, and it killed my laptop I thought l lost everything. However, Shawn got me fixed up and saved everything! I highly recommend them!
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Mark Williams

Belleville, Ontario
McKenzee McLary Client Comp Doc Computers
A couple of days ago, my computer was hacked, and I almost lost multiple major assignments that I was working on. Shawn from Comp Doc Computers was able to get me in right away to fix my computer. Shawn was…
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McKenzee McLary

Bayside, Ontario
Tinna Preston-Ruttan Client Comp Doc Computers
I can always turn to Shawn when I have a question about my computer or laptop. He has always kept me informed of the progress of my repair and the cost it would be. I have been taking my devices…
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Tinna Preston-Ruttan

North Bay, Ontario
Brandon Miracle Client Comp Doc Computers
l have purchased computer parts and had my computers upgraded time after time and repaired when needed all in a very timely fashion and for a reasonable price. Shawn's service is second to none. He his very dedicated to his…
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Brandon Miracle

Belleville, Ontario
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Shawn DesRochers

Computer Enginer
Shawn is passionate about computers and technology. He has been involved with computers since 1996…

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Rose is an avid blogger, who loves what she does. Rose does the advertising and…

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